LA Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | 12.02.2018, NBA Season

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  1. This was a perfect game to give Boban more minutes. He plays well against centers that can't shoot, like Jordan here. Boban plays 1 minute, result = Jordan grabs 23 rebounds, Mavs win.

  2. We need the Lakers in Dallas and have Luka score 30 and watch Lebron get beat. It seems like he's starstruck in LA with the Staples center and Lebron his idol since a little kid! He also thinks Jennifer Aniston is no doubt in the crowd his lifelong crush. He needs a win desperately now for his confidence/development IMHO. I was at Reunion the night dirk and Nash finally beat Kobe and I saw the look of ''OK , I got this'' on Nash's face. Luka needs that.

  3. At least Dennis Smith Jr. made the clutch block after he lost a tooth. Tobias Harris needs to step up if he wants to get paid big. B+ player doesn't get max money. That's reserved for KD/Kawhi-level.

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