LA Clippers vs Houston Rockets – Full Game Highlights | Oct 26, 2018 | NBA 2018-19
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  1. D anthony style of rampage scoring with no defense is good last year teams got surprised but this year teams adjusted and houston never upgraded teams match their scoring but improve on defense so houston allowed teams to score with bad defense

  2. Rockets, Thunder, Spurs, and TWolves got worse. Pelicans and Nuggets improved. The Nuggets, Clippers, and Lakers will make the Playoffs. Healthy Clippers will get to 50 wins.

  3. Both these teams are, thrash..melo all them 3's for nothing No defence Chris Paul was a non factor'' Clippers lucky to have Lue William..Cappelle wanted a hundred million, I see why you didn't get..

  4. Rockets fans can use the Harden excuse but remember the Rockets still have CP3 and Melo. Clippers have ZERO all-stars and still won easily. One of the most underrated deepest team in the league.

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