Lakers optimistic about LeBron’s injury | SportsCenter

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Brian Windhorst reports on the latest with LeBron James’ groin injury that he suffered during the Christmas Day game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors.

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  1. Thank god cuz once he gets injured for real I think he's done playing because he already said that he's not going to play in the league if he's trash at some point

  2. ‪Got complete faith in you is the perfect chance to FINALLY shut those doubters up😤😤💪💪 Luke let em light all the way, don’t wanna see him playing less than 35 mins‬

  3. Draymond green felt something pop last night too- his hopes for a max contract 🌝🌝🌝🌝

  4. Hopefully LeBron is okay his longevity has been amazing I’d be surprised if he’s out more than a month any longer than that the lakers are in trouble

  5. I really wish LeBron didn’t get injured in this game (or any game). His injury is overshadowing the victory against the defending champs, how well the young guys played and how good of a job the coaching staff did at game planning and drawing up defensive schemes. And this is kinda off topic, but those two loses to Orlando, the loss to the Nets, Wizards and that blown 16 point lead loss to the Spurs is so annoying…..the Lakers should be 25-9 right now.

  6. Even if they lose the next 4 games I want to see all the young players go all out and showcase their talents. Zo, ingram, zubac, hart, and kuzma have a lot of untapped potential.

  7. father time is undefeated…. he catches up to most of in our 30's, including most NBA players…. Lebron has A LOT of NBA miles, he needs to chill for at least the next month and not make it worse….

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