LeBron is right in some sense, but the NBA and NFL are different – Scottie Pippen l The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan, and Scottie Pippen of The Jump dissect Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James comments about NFL owners on HBO’s “The Shop,” then break down how the NBA and NFL are different when it comes to owners and they way they treat players.

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  1. The stupidity in his comments stretches too far to pin-point one notion. I'll put it in three… One: comparing people getting payed millions to people getting beat and killed for a job that pays nothing is disgusting! Two: Like they said the NFL has a highly competitive margin of players who actually make it. However, the notion that owners aren't paying enough because it's more violent is ridiculous. While I agree it is violent by rating done in 2012 and since football actually has less injuries than basketball. For reference soccer has the most injuries in average than any other sport and basketball is next. Finally: Just because one company gives certain perks does not force the other to do the same. AT&T could have an employee discount of 50% but that doesn't force Verizon to do the same. Each company has the right to create contracts for employees to sign with certain rules. No one forces the employees to sign this contract. Each player has the right to decide if football is worth following the rules set in front of them. If I am told I can't use my phone while at work and I sign this contract to work and get money without using my phone but complain about it, the first sentence out of anyone's mouth is "well u agreed to it"

  2. The football field is a football player’s place of work. They shouldn’t be airing their political grievances on the field anyway. You and me wouldn’t be allowed to speak at work about politics or protest at the office about social issues. We would be told to do that on our private time. That’s what these players should be doing as well. Protest on your own time, not while you are on MY field trying to make ME money. These players are costing the league and teams money with their political posturing. Therefore, owners have the right to look out for the best interests of their businesses by shutting down these antics. They had every right to get rid of Colin “Malcolm X 2.0” Kaepernick. His baggage out-weighed his talent. And another thing people are forgetting is that the NBA is predominately a liberal league watched by liberal fans. The NFL is a conservative league watched predominately by conservative fans. Conservatives and Republicans are not going to tune in to watch a football game when their world view and politics are being attacked by left-wing players on a weekly basis. The NBA can get away with being political because they're preaching to the left-wing choir! If Lebron was pushing conservative views, would his free speech be respected  and encouraged then?

  3. Cam Newton had everything going for him the dab.. But when he feell aginst a hard AFC defence it was over for him. Pippen they let him do what he wanted…and even all those thugs players like Odell Beckham and ECT getting in trouble they always get off free.

  4. Sports is like any entertainment industry its all about the fans. Without people watching. You all gonna be a nobody. So you cannot upset the fans . If they want you to stand up on flag ceremony then you should do that or else get out of the business. All owners are businessmen first. If it's good for the business why not. What good does it do for the franchise that you exercise your right but nobody's watching you.

  5. I like that the NBA wants the players to be leaders in their community. That's great. But they (the players) should know what they're talking about when they speak publicly. They have the money. Each player should hire someone who will be responsible for briefing them on subjects. It's a much better look than going off, half-cocked, on social media. If you're going to be the role model, you can't also be the class clown.

  6. Deon Sanders keeps ? NFL & all other Major sports are businesses, espn is a leftist network, you know that by these issues by comparing slavery to individuals getting paid millions or even thousands of dollars for playing with a dam ball ?, if in 2019 this is considered slavery sign me up ??

  7. both are wrong. what looks is not right. let me crunch some numbers for you: math is not a strong point in NBA.
    nba total revenue: 8 billion, players gets 51% , so 8*0.51=4.1/30( teams*15 players/team)=8.8 million/player approximately.

    in case of NFL= there are 32 teams *65 players=2100 players. their total revenue was close to 16 billion dollars last year.

    so if they also get 51%( what is nfl association doing?)=8.1/2100 players=3.8 million/players.
    so even with guaranteed contract in nfl players can still make average 4 million dollars.
    last time, I checked that is not slave mentality.

    the guaranteed contract is an illusion and only helps top guys. once your contract is over you will be dumped like nothing happens. ask carmelo and jr, right now with no takers. so from hero to zero you can go just like that in both the fields.

    and only few old guys have that kind of money( does not matter which race. but white race have largest number of billionaires).

    And top NFL players are also treated like gods: you ask a dame who she wanna bed: NFL quarterback or nba player. I am sure majority will vote for the quarter-back. that is all you need to know! And their salary is also pushing 40 mil for the superstar and their revenue still continues to rise. it is poised to touch 20 bil in 2 to 3 years. NBA would be lucky to touch 10 bil as they are killing the competition with hegemony teams. so fix that first!
    lakers suck now and lbj needs to focus on hooping.

  8. Im sorry there is nothing worse when players bring up slavery as they go to there 3rd house in LA. Im sorry but alot of people in the US grind out jobs to pay bills working towards there dream jobs and these guys are entertainers making millions of dollar to play a game.

    This guy makes some good points https://youtu.be/6_iUQ3XC6YQ.

    I seriously hate this, Lebron has a house in LA, cleveland, hawii and probably more. He has been beloved and helped since he was 13 years old. He had no problem taking all these white slaves money to create his own empire before but now he needs to speak up?

    When the NBA and NFL are literally having 49-51 profit shares how are you complaining?

    We are seeing more and more people speak out on topics when they truly have no idea how it works. Im tired of seeing shows where people talk mostly about there feelings and everyone in the circle echo the same thought and then when anyone ever challenges them they get mad.

    Can someone please point me to a society where you can do what ever you want and get what ever you want? Where is this utopia people speak of? Like Lebron is my age, im sorry but not having everyone love you is not the same as racism or slavery.

  9. Fact of the matter is, most of these athletes would otherwise be just like the rest of us, busting our butts to get by. Many of them would be far too lazy and lacking in will to maintain a hard, honest job, and theyd turn to the thug life for easy dollas. (Which they still often do, regardless.

    This is why I will never buy sports merch.. Wont pay for cable to watch these spoiled thugs run around..Nope. And I grew up on sports.

    Talk to me about slavery. Boy knows nothing of slavery. He's been gifted the life of a king just becuase he can run and jump and throw a ball in a hoop. GTFO.

  10. Yall people who keep saying just because you GET PAID, that doesn't mean it's not slavery dummy, that's how America can but a blindfold over your eyes and make you think everything is OK. He's talking about the mentality of people thinking, just like Donald Sterling said I pay you black folks to feed your family, I'm the reason your living the way your living, I pay your bills, without me you wouldn't have it…… It's the mentality of thinking, he was paying basketball players millions but ended up getting kicked out of the NBA and forced to sell his team because of his racist behavior and MENTALITY towards blacks, so please stop saying slaves didn't get paid and all that nonsense and if you know OUR HISTORY, SLAVES were still slaves even after the BILL was passed to set slaves free, we didn't know how to READ or KNOW THE LAW, so they camouflaged it for years to still have us doing slave work and paying us basically a penny a day.. READ MORE than that dumb shit that's in SCHOOL BOOKS about OUR HOSTORY before you SPEAK ON IT…. Lebron is talking about the mentality, yeah he could've worded it a bit better but shit people who really deal with this type of shit professionally and in the common work place knows what he's talking about. TALK YOUR ISH LEBRON JAMES, I salute you my brother???????

  11. It's nots necessarily the nfl its the process from middle school to highschool to college then the nfl thats why there aren't superstars any more. they rather get a new you then pay you an if you get banged up or have some dirt on you contract time ,we're hoping on the next big thing asap an there feeder/real slave system (ncaa) makes it possible by selling young broke college kids the dream everyday without paying them.

  12. LeBron as well intentioned as he is sometimes comes off as a little kid who doesn’t fully put in the research and blurts whatever is on his mind. I like the whole Muhammad Ali thing but you gotta be informed.

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