LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, James Harden and more on Rockets vs Lakers fight | NBA Interview

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James provides his perspective on the fight that broke out between Brandon Ingram, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo in his team’s loss to the Houston Rockets. LeBron says he “didn’t see anything” and did not say anything to his team and LeBron details his relationship with Ingram, stating “I’m with him throughout whatever.” Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony calls Rondo’s alleged spitting in Chris Paul’s face “unacceptable and says it should’ve never happened. James Harden details his recollection of the fight and says Paul had to stand up for himself after being allegedly spit on by Rondo. Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball explain how he was trying to keep Brandon Ingram out of the scuffle before it escalated and stated that if Rondo gets suspended for this incident, he is 100 percent ready to start. Lance Stephenson expresses why he was trying to play peacemaker and says the Rockets were trying to provoke his team and the Lakers fell for it. JaVale McGee explains that it is going to be unfortunate that suspensions are looming after the fight, but he applauds his team’s competitiveness. McGee adds that he has never seen Ingram like that before but says, “if you poke a bear, you’re bound to get bit.”

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  1. Man Carmelo u is a buster u sad u went from team to team and James u fake foney I don't care basketball game or not nig push me it's on like DONKEY KONG …U IS A SNEAKY SLICK PLAYER F.U BIH

  2. We all know Rondo didn't spit on Paul's face intentionally. We all saw Paul being the 1st getting physical. We all saw the league once again favoring the rockets as they always do. The NBA is full of shit. It's a grown man game, where is the integrity and respect to the fan base who pays everybody's salary in the entire league. I'm a basketball fan and I am very disappointed in this very soft soft soft new NBA.

  3. +Fa_ti_ma A — Melo is from the streets of NYC…… Ppl use hands, feets, bottles, and bats all day !!! He not in the streets now but he knows what he is talking about !!!

  4. Harden is such a pussy plays like a pussy and doesn’t fight like a pussy talking about they laughed it off so I walked away no bitch it started cuz u play like a bitch always getting away with ur Little punk way of playing basketball always using other people body’s motion to draw a foul like a bitch can’t play real basketball and u obviously can’t fight u got pushed a fight broke out n a kid ran n throwing it while u ran to the bench as if it didn’t start by u pushing Ingram and getting pushed back pansy

  5. Been a huge fan of the Jump from the start. But couldn’t help to be a little annoyed by all the espn shows talking about this over and over again… there were games played and good games. Hawks, mavs, nuggets… more basketball more substance please.

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