LeBron James Could Miss Lakers Preseason Opener!!! | NBA News

LeBron James could miss the Los Angeles Lakers preseason opener and have limited minutes throughout the preseason! | Daily NBA News

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  1. Lebron is under pressure so is L A. their performance against the nuggets; an average WC team will give some hints about their performance during the season.
    WC ain't easy. So i think that Lebron should gel with those young players before the season begins. But they should avoid utilizing him too much so that he comes up better at the beginning of the season.

  2. play when? season starts in a month. I heard he's gonna be at DRAKES concert on Sunday night. and on Tuesday he'll be on his couch relaxing and sleeping. why would he play preseason at all. why

  3. Talks of Kuzma joining LeBron & KCP with Klutch Sports after Anthony Davis signing. ???
    Summer workout with Kobe Bryant.
    Ready to shine with LeBron as part cheerleader/ part PROUD FATHER on the sidelines.

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