LeBron James passes Michael Jordan on all-time scoring list and gets emotional | NBA Highlights

LeBron James moves past Michael Jordan for fourth on the all-time scoring list on an and-1 layup in the second quarter of Lakers vs. Nuggets. LeBron gets an ovation from the Los Angeles crowd and starts to get emotional on the bench during a break in the action.

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  1. This is just ridiculous. I know the guy may not be your favorite player, but hard work is hard work, LeBron has put a lot of work into his career, let him have his moment

  2. Not a Lebron fan I’m a Kobe fan! But this isn’t right man Lebron is a all time great he deserved more respect! 2009 me would’ve talked so much shit but no matter what the man is a great player! But damn this show ppl don’t respect him until he leaves.

  3. I just saw a meme of Michael Jordan congratulating Lebron passing him in all scoring record.
    It also mentioned his 3-6 should be Lebron day because that was his record at the nba finals and not on the day he passed mj

  4. You know what…this is another good azz reason why he should of stay his butt in Cleveland..there was no kind of energy in that arena..none whatsoever…from the Laker team to the Laker fans..if he would stayed in Cleveland he would got pandemonium..the Cleveland crowd would went crazy…Confetti, Music, Crowd Chatting and all..Now he got "ehh..ok"… like he confessed to taking hormone grown pills a few years prior..shout out to A-Rod !!…lol

  5. Jesus Christ look at how his team and the fans in LA barely congratulated him on this remarkable accomplishment, I just pray to god he doesn’t pass Kobe in Staples…. but anyways congrats Lebron much love to you bro

  6. It doesn't matter that LeBron passed Jordan in scoring because the amount of points Jordan scored won him and the Bulls 6 championships. The amount of points Lebron's scored won him 3 less championships and the current amount of points he'll score during this current NBA season won't even get him to the playoffs! LOL

  7. Super disrespectful. Get the hell out of LA bruh. I don't even know why you came there. They don't respect that man at all. His own team barely dabbed him up. They just looked at him. No wonder why they're losing every game. This would have never happened in Miami or Cleveland

  8. Lol why they make this video so long like it was significant when Kobe was 2min celebration… This is pathetic how hard they want to make him a great… Welcome to the West coast cuh get my PURPLE and gold wins… Lol

  9. hmm is lebron really the GOAT? i mean 3 players that are not even in the nba who are 40+ years old have higher points then him in the all time scoring list ITS TRUE HE IS NOT THE GOAT DON'T @ ME

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