LeBron James Wants Carmelo Anthony To Join Los Angeles Lakers!!! | NBA News

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  1. man y'all motherfuckers need to stop bashing Melo he ain't the reason the Rockets suck. They Rockets GM gave Chris Paul 40 mil a year with all the injuries hes having come playoff time! Chris Paul salary fucked up the team. Everybody wants Melo to be like he was at the Knicks like how? he's getting older don't you think! LeBron needs more and more people to help so stop looking at one person on the team yea true enough you will look at the best player but if you look at Golden State LeBron and Melo and the rest of the team would be good. Stop hating on Melo!!

  2. He can help lebron if he play good most in the final mins lakers can give him to 25 mins if play good and make points. But coming from the bench

  3. I didn't think he would fit but who else they got on the 2nd unit that is a primary scorer? I think it can work if plays with Rondo, Stephonson, Hart and Chandler.

  4. Melo is too skilled of a player not playing in the league. IMO, he still has a good 3-4 years of solid play left in him, granted he finds the right team, right fit. I think playing on the Lakers with James is a good look and a good fit for him. Hopefully he could get that ring that’s missing.

  5. I think He should come to the Lakers. Because Lebron James will train him back to his prime time mode. They are friends and they know each other for a while now, I think its time we have a new PB&J sandwich.

  6. Go back East, Go to Orlando Magic, They are in the 7th Spot on the East. Mo Bamba will be a great teammate for Melo. Like if You Agree?.

  7. Carmelo Anthony is so underrated Rocket fans put a bad reputation on melo they were just looking for someone to blame cause of how garbage they were fast forward 2 weeks later there still garbage

  8. Melo should of came to my heat back in 2014, Bron would of stayed for a couple more years and wade, Bron, and melo would of beaten the 2015 warriors

  9. Bench Ingram and Start with Melo I think it will work. Melo can play off the ball SF spot up 3 point shooter, Kuzma is the PF, 2nd playmaker and off guard Lonzo, Centre Mcgee and Point Guard Lebron. This also there best defensive units just put Chandler on the line up.

  10. lakers has to make a trade for davis before the deadline.. This young core are just for playoff team not good enough to win championship.. There has to be another superstar alongside with lebron for the golden state with the additional of cousin will make them a super "superteam"..

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