LeBron Watches Jarrett Culver Potential Lakers NBA Draft Choice With 4th Pick

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LeBron James Watches Jarrett Culver Potential Lakers Draft Pick With 4th Pick.
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  1. im gonna be 28 this year, I’m recognizing less and less people coming into the league, as I’m not really a college hoops fan. These guys getting younger and I’m just sittin back like damn lmao

  2. LeBron watched his workouts the whole time thinking who can he trade his young bum ass for😂🤣😂

  3. I hope Culver gets chosen before the lakers have a chance to pick him up! If Culver HAS to go to the lakers, he has my sympathy!

  4. Lebron dont be doing shit. Average ass player. Playing in the bum ass east his whole career. Finally got exposed in the West.

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