Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram describe Lakers’ poor defense, ball security | NBA on ESPN

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 3-game winning streak is snapped as they fail to split the season series with the Orlando Magic in a 108-104 loss. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, JaVale McGee, and Kyle Kuzma elaborate on the Lakers revisiting lackluster defensive ways from the beginning of the 2018-19 season that got Los Angeles off to a slow 2-5 start.

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  1. Magic Johnson has HORRIBLY mis-managed this team so far. Anybody who says anything different is a moron, plain and simple. His first mistake was drafting with his heart instead of his fucking BRAIN (if he even has one). Dude drafted that scrub Lonzo with his busted-ass shot over a stud like Tatum solely because Lonzo was "from LA" and because he was a point guard who was supposedly "the next Magic Johnson" (LMFAO!). His second mistake was listening to the fucking idiots in the media who claimed over the summer that "Brandon Ingram was untouchable" in trade talks. Ingram is the most overrated piece of shit in the entire NBA right now. The sports media continues to claim that he is "a great scorer" and that he is "the next KD", based off of literally NOTHING BUT the fact that he has that nasty, stick figure-looking KD body. He is TRASH! I can't even count the number of times I've heard some stupid fuck in the sports media claim that Ingram is "a great scorer", even though he has only scored 30+ points ONE FUCKING TIME IN HIS ENTIRE NBA CAREER! He is in his 3rd year in the NBA already and he has still not taken a big step forward in his overall game. If…IF!…he ever manages to reach legit All-Star or All-NBA level, LeBron will be in his 18th or 19th year and the Lakers window will have closed already.

    Kawhi, on the other hand, is tearing shit up in Toronto. They are the best team in the East, even if the Bucks have a better record. I don't see Kawhi leaving Toronto for the Lakers this summer, especially if LeBron carries the Lakers deep into the Playoffs. He isn't going to jump on the LeBron bandwagon and be seen as a guy who "rides LeBron's coattails". However, if the Lakers had traded for him this summer, Kawhi would've stayed with them next summer and signed a long-term deal. Playing alongside LeBron, Kawhi would've seen how great it is to play with one of the greatest players EVER, who is also an unselfish Superstar. LeBron would have no problem passing to Kawhi, and he would also have no problem letting Kawhi handle the ball whenever he wanted. They could've been winning rings THIS YEAR if Magic had moved Ingram and Lonzo or Ingram and whoever for Kawhi this past summer. Instead the Lakers are stuck with that overrated scrub Ingram, Kawhi is NEVER going to be a Laker, and LA's only real hope is that this KD-Draymond feud is severe enough that KD would join LeBron in LA just to have the chance to shit on the Warriors in the Playoffs. The only other possibility for the Lakers is if Magic finally sees the light and can manage to pull off an Ingram + whoever for Anthony Davis trade.

  2. Everyone here criticizing lonzo or kuzma didn’t watch the game lonzo didn’t even play 4th which is a reason why we lost the game luke Walton is the worst

  3. Trade lonzo while people think he’s nice. He can’t score can’t defend can’t earn fourth quarter minutes he’s done. Lakers messed up not drafting Tatum or Mitchell.

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