Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets 1st Half Highlights | 11.27.2018, NBA Season

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  1. As a die hard lakers fan I can’t watch the highlights lol but here I am to tell y’all lakers need to trade Ingram or lonzo or both for Beal there is no defense whatsoever no second scorer behind LeBron yea it’s a process but come on this is Ingram second or third year Lonzo’s second there is no signs of improvement that is frustrating been 5 years of no playoffs enough of this bs get it together guys for fucking sake lmao goodnight all god bless

  2. Chris B shut up and stop drinkin lebron Sperm Semen. everybody knows Once the Lakers start struggling the media Lebron's s U ill blame it on his teammate and coach and lebron stans will go to the old reliable excuse that LeBron has no help, everbody saw this coming that's why i hate nick wright, shannon, coliin and Max. see. It’s okay to create a super team, as long as they come to u. But, if u go to them, it’s a weak move?. So Lebron want a guy that has beat him 2x in the Finals?. But, KD weak, cuz his team was up 3-1. Hypocrisy and Lebron agenda at its finest. Wow!!! Amazing..coach killer

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