Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic 1st Half Highlights | 11.25.2018, NBA Season

LA Lakers vs Orlando Magic 1st Half Highlights | 11.25.2018

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  1. And he still choking on a c#@k… Hey LeBron.. How about you play the f€kn game and instead of playing with yourself.
    Yea… I see you bein lazy at the top of the key. Not doing a DAMN THING but blaming everybody but you. You have no right to wear 23. You're a king to the NBA as Kim Kardashian is to a Queen to su&n d!€&… Aka… Erbody get paid and sucked? yea… I said it.. #heymagic.. Whoops…? wrong team

  2. The highlights don't show a true reflection of the game… I dont know what zo has to do to play… Lebron takes the ball off him far too much he doesn't allow him to grow… Lakers lost this because of Luke

  3. Magic got strong after EP left. ? Magic can be and is a candidate for playoff teams this season. How have things changed since the last year? They were competing for the bottom in the league or conference in the last season.

  4. This was actually the perfect landing spot for LBJ… A bunch of talented youngins who likely all more or less idolized him growing up. Thus they'll listen what he has to offer/teach them, and seem hungry to learn. Look at the body language of Kuz. Fired up. Lonzo also picking up the pace. Then you got a few more experienced players with a decent approach to the game / work ethic, like KCP, Lance and JaVale. Very fun team to watch at the moment.

    edit. Jheeeze… What a move by JaVale at 1:43

  5. Lakers defeated the blazers and the Blazers defeated Magic and Magic defeated the Lakers. Why Lakers cannot defeat Magic ? Two times already?
    They have to shutdown Vucevic , Magic’s strong center. And Gordon and Magic’s 3 pointers just like shutting down Blazers Lillard, Nurkic and McCollum.

    Luke Walton’s strategy is too complicated. There is only one strategy is to shutdown Magic’s Vucevic and Gordon, find ways to shut them down.

  6. lakers loss smh if lebron drive it hard to the hall its a score or a foul while the game is tied he should not pull up a three lakers shoulve have win this thing smh and can we please trim our young guys to a second scorer..

  7. I love you Bron in all, in I know you gotta save your energy some times, but stop letting people just drive right pass you to the lane in get a easy bucket lol
    Only you can get away with that doe

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