Meet 61 YEAR OLD Calvin Roberts Who Might Make The NBA This Year! OLDEST NBA Player Ever!?

47 Years Ago Calvin Roberts Was Drafted Then Cut From The Spurs… Now At 61 Year’s Old Calvin Roberts is dedicating his LIFE to fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA… An Inspiring Story!



– DaKingMoneyYT



  1. Guys he might make it to nba I know a 97 year old that can still run and he never had hearing ads and sometimes he didn't even need glasses but he died cause his heart just stopped he was just fine so yes age is just a number

  2. Yeah he should definitely get signed yeah let’s ignore the grind and talent of the much much younger g league players who want a shot at the pros but no sign a washed up 61 year old man who says he wants to play in the nba SMH

  3. it is not bad give him a shot age is just a number if this grandfather think he can play then give him a 1year deal with minimum contact try to prove him self don't hate and jealous because of this grandpa still can play and the young ones are worse the haters are the worst this grandpa is the real deal

  4. He's not getting "old"…shit he is "old"!
    I cool for following your deam n all but dam! There come a time were u have to let certain dreams go..n bro that time is now!!

  5. I go to the same gym as this dude. You can catch him at LVAC on decatur here in vegas damn near everyday. I didnt know he ball like that… imma say something to him when i go on monday. Thats dope.

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