Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | 11.30.2018, NBA Season

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  1. DaD E county Dade County 305 you suck ka's Miami FLorida boy A im From Panama City FLorida 850 i got Miami way down there we the South aint no deeper South than us than FLorida boy 850 wade need more pLayers withem Playing Miami we gotta get on this shit a way more hustLing gotta be done on court 3's dunk on they ass fast brakes steaLs Lay up's

  2. Wade upset Pelicans . AD doesn't belong on that team. A pelican is a bird that can't fly. A.D can fly. Wade lookin good need more pieces. I don't think he cares abt championships anymore just more stats for his amazing legacy.

  3. I can see tha heat winning a title with this team..all they need is wade and whiteside to show up every game..but then they got richardson , olynic , winslow , drajic , tyler johnson , wayne ellington , and james johnson and bam

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