Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game Highlights | Nov 25, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

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  1. I think the raptors need a 3rd piece…trade wright, powel and maybe cj for bradley beal of washington because this year might be the only chance the raptors have to win a championship. Because if kawhi doesn't resign, its rebuild for the raptors and who knows, maybe 30-50 years til the raptors get another chance to win a championship or possibly longer

  2. kawhi, Pascal, OG are scary good 2 way players. Then you have a rejuvenated Ibaka and Lowry. with vets like Danny, CJ, JV ect. and dont forget about FVV, this team will be a force come playoffs. Not a team i would wanna play against.

  3. I'm so happy for dwade. What an amazing guy. It is okay for him to retire. He is content and now has a baby with gabrielle union. Everything is perfect. I really wish I made it to this game.

  4. Damnit! When your highest scorer is the guy retiring this year, you know your team is fucked up!!! smh….? I love my Miami Heat but I think they should just tank this year and give Wade the ball all the time and let the guy shoot! I'm a Wade and Heat fan 4evah!!!?? Dwade BIW? will always be my fave player of all time. Thank you Dwade.??

  5. Wow wow and wow r u fk kidding me … Another game between refs vs raptors …. And now raptors r 1 game above 500 vs the refs … Refs won 3 games and raptors won there 4th game today … Shame on u nba shame on u . i hope ya'll burn in hell for ever and ever … #justice4kwahi

  6. 17-4 but people thought Kawhi wasn’t worth much in the trade market. Wait till late season/postseason. Y’all can hate on the Raptors about choking but Danny Green and Kawhi have given Lowry and Ibaka new life. They both look so rejuvenated and with vets like Cj and JV they’ll be in any game/series.

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