Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.28.2018, NBA Season

Bucks vs Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.28.2018

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  1. giannis go win MVP his team go at least prolly go b 3rd or 4th seed n giannis is NBA top 25 in steals,blocks,rebounds, assist n points only player in NBA that's top 25 in those 5 major categories

  2. I like Milwaukee Bucks basketball star Giannis. I like Chicago's Jabari Parker and Zach Lavine. Be patient Bulls fans. The Bulls are gonna be good again in the future. Michael Jordan is my favorite basketball player. I'm a Cleveland Cavs fan who's gonna have to be patient about the Cavs being bad for awhile. Cavs have been to the finals 4 years in a row when Lebron James and Kyrie Irving were there. So i'm not complaining about the Cavs doing bad this year. This was a good basketball game with Milwaukee and Chicago.

  3. LoL at them not getting Zach the last shot this night…who'd fit best for Bulls in the Draft? Not sure what Dunn will be…also not sure who is the top true PG in the draft…Barret has the talent, but he is looking more like a gunner…They probably need to get a vet PG anyway…go get a vet like Pat Beverly for cheap and a young vet PG (if Dunn doesn't get right) like Fred Vanfleet or Terry Rozier…Dunn, Portis don't seem to be in their plans and both are good players that could help a team…these injuries are in the way..

  4. Bucks are legit. I still think the Raptors are better only because they are a deeper team with two All-Stars and didn't lose to Phoenix like Milwaukee did. But Bucks definitely are legit.

  5. Huge Eric's rebound (tip) saved the day… led to Middleton's three which was so crucial. Let's hope those heroics aren't needed to close games and they manage to clear games with easier opponents earlier

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