Milwaukee Bucks vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 10.26.2018, NBA Season

Bucks vs Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 10.26.2018

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  1. Wolves need to move Butler and get a new coach. They locker room is obviously in shambles. They need to build around KAT or trade him too because nobody is happy and they not playing hard for Tibs

  2. 63pts in the half en route to scoring 120pts while barely scoring 40pts good luck trying win Wolves. Though you gotta give Coach Mike the credit the bucks are playing with great pace and shooting and making a lot of threes. They are a legitimate title contender to the east.

  3. The Timbs are freezing out Butler and LOOK AT THE FXCKING EMBARRASSMENT rotfl. These young guys play bxtch passive aggressive games. Teague Gibson most definitely are against Butler they are begging for job security. This is crazy. Trade Butler ESPECIALLY if THE FUTURE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION IS BUILT AROUND KAT AND WIGGINS. They just don’t want the league and the world to see their two stars are BASICALLY soft. Hurts trade values on them and their ploy to OVERPAY these dummies to make them SEEM BETTER has not worked. Jimmy Butler doesn’t want to be a part of the behind the scenes hi-jinx.

  4. blow the wolves up the longer u keep butler the longer you poison your locker room, eventually everyone will become demotivated `and you'll have to trade everyone
    it's like being at a party then two people get in a fight, it kills the vibe in the room eventually everyone has to leave

  5. And that folks is called
    been watching the wolves since day 1 ,,, and this is one of the worst games I've ever seen

    Nobody is gonna hand you anything guys , when things are hard, you gotta dig , double your efforts , tune out the bullshit ,
    Believe in yourself , it's basketball
    Man , you guys have been playing ball your whole life , I've seen teams with less talent play hard
    And win , and make the playoffs
    C'mon, is this what you want your
    Season to look like ?

  6. If the Bucks aren’t a top 4 seed in the East, it’s a total failure. They’ve had this group together for years with limited improvement. And the Wolves are looking like trash, even with Butler in the lineup.

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