Milwaukee Bucks vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights | 11.21.2018, NBA Season

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  1. This 5-out offense of Bud's is a beautiful thing to watch with the length and shooting of this team. They prove you can have the trendy fast pace 3pt shooting but also massive size, rebounding and tons of scoring in the paint. Eating up all of these playoff teams that have gone small over the last few years. GS has no rim protectors or big guys that can match up which you witnessed when they were blown out by the Bucks a few weeks ago – they're really going to miss McGee.

  2. Portland, not a scrub team, but the Bucks DESTROYED them — Giannis of course, but the entire Bucks team plays good — Middleton and Bledsoe in particular have been solid all season — barring Injuries, I don't see how It's not going to be Bucks-Raptors for the Eastern Conf — Sixers got better adding Butler, but they're still not the same Level – Like Boston, but c'mon- Celtics have to get their S#!t together

  3. CJ is clearly a better player than Damian Lillard. He will score quicker and smarter. Damian is so stupid that a big will set a screen to make it easier for him and he will tell the guy to leave(he can't even play the pick and roll yet).
    It's all isolation and 80 dribbles for Damian Lillard. If he couldn't score, he wouldn't even be in the Development League.

  4. the Bucks are awesome and I am from Milwaukee as well as a Bucks Fan but the Raptors are Silly good and I dont know if the bucks can make up that one game but if the Bucks can play better on the road only 4-3 right now they might catch the Raptors but only time will tell also lets not forget the Raptors are 8-2 on the road and 9 of the bucks wins are at Home

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