Minnesota Timberwolves vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.24.2018, NBA Season

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  1. Yo, on some real sh*t, there should be a clause in these max contracts where the team is allowed to cut down your salary by a couple of mill per year when you have a 0 point game. SMH!!!! WTF??? 0? Really? Nigga even fat guys who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day can get you two at a pickup game. You mean to tell me he wasn't even fouled in his 29 minutes??

  2. Too bad the Wolves decided to trade laVine… He's great, and I knew he would be. He's also a hard worker and tremendous athlete with a huge heart.

  3. Love how D rose stepped out as Butler left..like automatically..him and KAT…wtf does Wiggins have the body language that he doesn't even care if they win or lose?..

  4. Drose 🌹 looks like the face of wolves. Literally. Also he play smooth and safe rather asf. Strive for the 6th ma boy. Win or lose ur d'best 🙏💪🌹

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