2018 NBA Playoff T-shirts and Hats

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  1. Lowkey the Pure Shot Creator at SF position was the best build badge wise but stat wise it was trash. This year it’s the same scenario but now it has Sharpshooting badges?? GG

  2. Hi guys, I am going to create a 6'3 pure shot creator(PG) and i want to do momentum dribble and have at least 86 ball controll for the elite dribble animations.

    can someone explain the difference between the 90 and the 86 ball controll? Are there special animations or something like that for players with 90 ball controll?

  3. This build is deadly though like we gone be breaking guys without playmaker in our name and on top of that we have a 78 ovr 3 and a 86 or 88 mid range with the hof badges this bout to be a fun year

  4. How about a post shot creator? An MJ/KB build with 5 hof badges, Has midrange, can shoot threes, dunk, good handles, really mobile and dominant in the post

  5. I made this build the night it came out …all around player….keep me info on this build…(best jumpshot) (dribble moves) when the game come out

  6. Push square to see the badges and the main difference between shot creator positions is the pg and sf positions get sharp badges on silver while the sg gets catch & shoot & corner specialist on GOLD.

  7. Sg is better and 6,8 aint bad nothing but gold shooting badges catch and shoot corner its the most overpowered build this year

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