NBA Daily Show: Apr. 17 – The Starters

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On Wednesday’s episode of The Starters, the guys debate whether the Thunder are in trouble vs the Blazers, if Jamal Murray saved Denver’s season, and whether Kawhi Leonard is actually a robot. In Crossfire, they debate the most desirable head coaching job available, the playoff series most likely to go seven games, and the most surprising thing we’ve seen in the second season. Watch The Starters daily throughout the playoffs or get more of them on their website:


  1. "Curry hitting 3's" I was so confused for a second then I was like damn they complimented Seth??? What kinda world is this

  2. Let’s go nuggets I hope Jamal has his confidence up especially the confidence Malone has in him we had four players score 20 or more

  3. 2:08, Stephen Curry is now on the Trail Bladers. That has to be the best offense in the league then if its Steph, Lillard, and McCollum.

  4. Ohhhh aha cross fire with lebron bwing the coach 😂 LeBronn is pretty much the coach 😂 LeBbron “LeGM” james

  5. You can tell Nikola's brothers are fighters and that jumping on heels helps, when you take one to the family jewels.

  6. So far in the two games this playoffs, Westbrook has bricked up 10 3 pointers and has hit only 1 of them. The man is stubborn to a fault and is going to shoot his team into a sweep

  7. OKC isn't playing poorly? First game PG and Russ went in such a bad slump in the first half they combined for 2/14. As a team OKC is 10/61 from beyond the Arch while Dame has made 9 threes in the series himself. Not to mention they are failing to close out on Dame, CJ, Seth, and Hood allowing easy scores. OKC is in deep trouble

  8. 9:23 False ? the dude on the right ? WTF do you mean Raptors don't trade for KL ? Defense won game 2 ? WTF do you think KL is ? He's MR.DEFENSE dumbass.

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