NBA Finals: Game 1 post-game press conference

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Courtesy: NBA TV | Players and coaches from the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors take questions from media following Game 1 of the NBA Finals at Scotiabank Arena.

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  1. 35:21 – SMH @ asking about Drake… Not a fan of Draymond, but he gave a good answer to a terrible question.

  2. GS are shooked…they lose next game….this thing is over!

    Ah! ah! ah! ah! ah!…Uh! Uh! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! aaaaaaah!
    K. Durant

  3. Better put Bogut back in and let Boogie get garbage time or U gonna be playing uphill the rest of the way. I'm on the Raptors bandwagon so don't do it. Go Raptors!

  4. KAWHI HAS THE BEST ANSWERS EVER!!! I swear, I have been watching the NBA for 25 years and this guy is TEFLON! Nothing rattles him. He does not participate in any drama questions. He takes no prisoners. He's so "no nonsense." I love it! Kawhi is truly THE MAN! BUT….. His laugh is really CREEPY.

  5. What I wrote before this game: Here's an interesting stat. The Raptors were the #1 transition offense in the NBA, the Warriors were the #16 transition defense in the NBA. There has been much 'conventional' wisdom by the talking heads on tv about how the Raptors must slow the game down in order to compete with the Warriors. I think the absolute opposite is the case. The Raptors must run it down the Warriors throat. This not only attacks the weakest part of their defense it also gives us the chance to best defend the strongest part of their offense. I.e. Their half court offense. The Warriors were the #1 halfcourt offense in the NBA this year, very much unlike the Bucks. So if we can keep them in scramble mode we can hopefully limit their ability to run their half court sets quite so perfectly.

  6. The east teams and the west teams don't play each other that often, so obviously neither team has much tape to work with. Why even bring that up? Makes no sense.

  7. I Just Noticed From A News Clip Rapper Drake Was Sitting Close To The Announcers Table Upfront Talking And Agrueing With The NBA Players He Cannot Sit Where He Can Holla At The NBA Players Move Him Behind The Announcers Table Where He Cannot Speak To The Players During The Games

  8. Popovich was face timing Kerr at Halftime screaming at him about how he was defending Leonard … Kerr said Greg told him to injure kawhi if he was unable to rotate/ double through and beat him that way..

  9. Load management gave players like Siakam and FVV more mins during the season. Siakam was SPICY 🌶️🌶️🌶️

  10. I hope Marc Gasol does take a moment to be mindful about where he is. It could create an emotion that makes him even better. It is not just another game. If he doesn't take a moment to take it in he may never remember it as more than just another game. There is no guarantee that great moments in anyone's life can be repeated. When special things happen to take a moment to be as present as you can be.

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