NBA highlights from January 20

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  1. Yeah, and now with Shaq, they're gonna get " . . . scored upon and 'walk' back up the court in between bites of Hostess cup cakes . . . ".
    Sorry, but I don't know what the Suns GM was thinking on this one. Didn't the last 4 years in Miame tell anyone ANYTHING? Shaq didn't get any younger, and the Andrew Bynums of the NBA world just got better.

  2. you're right. the pistons are going to win the east once Rondo goes down with an injury.

    They're then going to be forced to use Eddie House at the point lmao.

  3. its funny how after they get scored upon, the suns just pick up the ball and race down the court as if nothing happened.

    such a great team to watch.

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