2018 NBA Playoff T-shirts and Hats

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  1. This feature is looks like it dope af! I can’t lie…. buuuuuttttt it’s gonna take a lot more than this to get me to try Live… It’s looking mighty interesting tho….

  2. Live maybe on the come up.. but till Live come out with some free roaming parks and/or rec center it's still going to be second place

  3. Preordered NBA Live 19 for $40. Can't wait for it to drop on September 7th. Keep doing live 19 vids, Brutal Sim. Loving them!

  4. We still aint got no visual details from 2k brut.. Smh all the words is for us to create a visual in our heads.. Then the product drop everybody dissappointed. Live is in the lead.. Even tho they have the lesser body of work.. And truth be told.. We know live can do all the modes better.. 2k is all graphics. Live always had the depth.. They dialed back to get their graphics up. We'll see in a few yrs. If not this yr.

  5. I know I haven't been on 2k a lot this year but almost every time I went to the park there was empty courts. That's just me though.

  6. I’ll support the live videos that’s the one I got on preorder and I’m having trouble finding a good live YouTuber appreciate all your work though

  7. Liking what live is doing if the game flow is good might be going to live don't know about the rest of my boys I play with

  8. i wasnt impressed by the looks of the players compared to 2k. However i think Live is a couple years away from really challenging 2k

  9. It's great with all the features NBA live has added. The problem for them is not presentation or features though. They always look to add cool features and have moderate to well put graphics. But the real issue is their game play just sucks to the point that's it's not enjoyable. prior to all the recent NBA lives that have come out their the player picture renders look great but then when it's time to view game-play it looks nothing alike and the player movement is just downright terrible. players warp through everybody, the dribbling is the funniest thing to watch and everyone seems to be sliding on the court, the motions for shooting/dribbling never branch well into each other nor does it look smooth and the game is just not easy on the eyes to play. Don't get me wrong nba2k has its share of glitches/exploits as well but to the novice player the problems of nba live will stick out a lot more then the problems that come with 2k. Just my opinion. I'm glad to see that they are looking for ways to grab the attention of viewers and players by fixing what some call are the poor areas of 2k but it means nothing if the game play is terrible. I rather see a return of "NBA THE LIFE 06" a game created by sony that ran a series from 2006 to 2009 which was hysterically enjoyable. I'll still buy live to try it just hope i don't have any regrets. Cheers.

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