NBA Season Preview Part 2 – The Starters

The second of nine NBA previews from The Starters. The guys continue to answer 72 burning questions about the upcoming season: Will the Warriors win 70 games again? Who will make their first All-Star Game? And, other than KD to G-State, what was the best offseason move? All that, plus Trey hits the Hot Seat to talk Social Media MVP, the league’s best handles, and the unlikely player who will score 50 points this year. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV to catch each of the nine previews and get more of the guys on their website:


  1. Jesus fucking christ. Does Tas have to use every open ended topic to gush over the warriors? I'm not even 10 minutes into the video ffs. It's people like him that make everyone hate the warriors and their shitty bandwagon fans.

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