NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | October 10, 2018

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night featuring JaVale McGee, Derrick Jones Jr., LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, OG Anunoby, Damian Jones, Zach LaVine, Jarrett Allen, Alex Len, and Trae Young.

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  1. Who is commentating this my first time watching a top 10 on NBA and this nigga annoying i forgot he was a commentating till i read the comments

  2. Can't believe people still complaining about the commentaries on these (beating a dead horse)…I keep these top 10 plays on mute lol. Also, #5 should be #9

  3. Juniooooooor woohoo
    Mr Jones mr Jones mr Jones
    Migitty migitty mac
    Three in there like swimwear, wtf does that even mean ??

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