NBA Top 5 plays from October 17 | NBA Highlights

Check out the top plays from the NBA on Wednesday October 17

#5 (0:07) Aaron Gordon throws it down over Derrick Jones Jr.
#4 (0:27) Luka Doncic’s beautiful dime leads to DeAndre Jordan’s dunk
#3 (0:48) Mo Bamba rises up for the monster block on Josh Richardson
#2 (1:10) Allonzo Trier lights up Madison Square Garden with a powerful one-handed dunk
#1 (1:36) Jarrett Allen emphatically denies Blake Griffin poster attempt

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  1. LeBron-KD comparison, and why KD is better

    Scoring: KD is arguably the greatest scorer of all time, so he definitely has the edge here. He can score from literally anywhere on the floor and easily shoot over the top of his defenders because of his height, making him completely unguardable. His FG% and TS% are almost as good as LeBron’s despite taking more jumpers and 3 point attempts. LeBron is a great scorer as well but his jump shot isn’t nearly as consistent as KD’s. 80% of his points come from layups and dunks, and while he’s literally unstoppable getting to the rim because of his size and strength, he tends to get away with a lot of uncalled offensive fouls and travels. KD isn’t as strong as LeBron but he’s just as good of a finisher and just as athletic. Give him LeBron’s strength and he’d be even more unguardable than he already is.
    Advantage: KD

    Shooting: This one shouldn’t even have to be explained. It’s common knowledge that KD’s the better shooter, and anyone who disagrees doesn’t know basketball.
    Advantage: KD

    Passing: I think we can all agree that LeBron is the better passer, but it’s not by much. KD’s turned into a pretty solid playmaker himself, as he averaged over 5 assists last season despite sharing the ball with 3 other all stars. LeBron is an elite playmaker and has some of the best court vision we’ve ever seen, but a lot of his assists are inflated because the system he plays in revolves around him dominating the ball and diminishing the roles of his teammates, by turning them into spot up shooters. But regardless.. Advantage: LeBron

    Rebounding: Another category LeBron is better at, but just like playmaking it’s not by much. Both of them average 7 rebounds a game for their careers.
    Advantage: LeBron

    Defense: At this point KD is by far the better defender and it’s not even close. In the regular season KD was looking like a DPOY candidate as he played elite perimeter defense all year and averaged 1.8 blocks per game. Other than a few chase down blocks, LeBron hasn’t played consistent defense since his Miami days. He was ranked 330th in defense in the regular season, which is even lower than James Harden who constantly gets ripped on for being a poor defender, and who LeBron fans think “robbed” LBJ of MVP. He’s pretty much a liability on defense at this point, and the main reason why the Cavs have been at the bottom of the league in defense the last 2 years.
    Advantage: KD

    Leadership: This category is very debatable. Now, it’s easy to think LeBron’s a better leader simply because he has more finals appearances, but keep in mind that he’s played in the weak east his entire career with better supporting casts than Durant, up until KD signed with the Warriors 2 years ago. KD led the Thunder to multiple conference finals appearances and even an NBA finals appearance in 2012, despite playing in the tougher conference. However, people will completely ignore this simply because of their hate towards KD for joining the Warriors to win championships. The same reason they don’t want to entertain the idea that he’s better than LeBron. But at the end of the day, his leadership skills are just as good as LeBron’s. If he was in the east he’d have just as many finals appearances as LBJ, if not more.
    Advantage: equal

    Efficiency: LeBron is more efficient but it’s only by a slim margin. Going back to what I said in the scoring category, 80% of his points come from layups and dunks, so it’s not surprising that his FG% is higher. However, KD takes more difficult shots and 3 point attempts yet his FG% is almost as good as LeBron’s, AND he had a higher TS% last season. If LeBron took as many jumpers as KD he wouldn’t be nearly as efficient.
    Advantage: LeBron

    Clutch: While both players are extremely clutch, KD has the upper hand here. Being a clutch player entails a great 1 on 1 skillset combined with the ability to create your own shot in a multitude of ways. KD's better at doing that. He also outclutched LeBron in the finals the last 2 years, and has been the better finals performer overall. As great as LeBron is, he’s had multiple meltdowns in the Finals in his career. In 2007 against the Spurs, he shot 35% from the field, averaged 5 TO’s, and got swept. In 2011 against Dallas, he only averaged 17 PPG, played passively all series, and got outplayed by Jason Terry, a 33 year old bench player. In 2014 against the Spurs again, he stat padded in every game except game 2, and got outplayed by Kawhi Leonard in games 3-5. In 2015 against the Warriors, he shot 39% from the field, mainly due to the defense of Finals MVP Andre Iguodala. KD’s never shot worse than 52% from the field or averaged less than 28 PPG in the finals. He’s also never scored less than 20.
    Advantage: KD

    Handles: KD is easily the better ball handler, and anyone who watches basketball knows this. He‘s got the best handles of any 7 footer in NBA history, and probably the best of any small forward. His moves and crossovers are simply more effective on defenders than LeBron.
    Advantage: KD

    In conclusion, KD wins 6-3. LeBron is still better all time, but KD is currently the better player. Feel free to leave your triggered comments below bronsexuals ??

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