NBA's Best 50 Assists | 2018-19 NBA Regular Season

Check out the best 50 assists from the 2018-19 NBA regular season!

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  1. The D'Angelo Russell disrespect is getting outta hand so many bounce passes he makes at least one every game but he ain't even get one spot when most of these are some bum ass bounce passes?

  2. yall ranking these assists terrible but whatever…and a lot of these passes are easy for someone with the slightest bit of iq and skill u just got be a willing passer and keep ur eyes up not like most people today that have tunnel vision..but some of this assists are amazing for sure

  3. Assists in basketball Is the most over rated state in sports. You pass the ball to a guy who scores and you did something good ? There are good passes but 90 percent are normal passes to a guy who scores. What skill does that take ??

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