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  1. Defense is so cheesy this year, there is no need to make a pure lockdown.

    You can make a Sharpshooting Defender or Shot-Creating Defender and still be effective, but have way better offense.

  2. My build is SF 6’9 245 84.3 and I know everything defensive drops but not by that much like u get a 93 steal with a 70 mid so the mid is solid

  3. I need to know if you can shoot corner 3s in pro am with a pure. I don't care about park I play comp if I can't shoot 3s there's no point.

  4. So I kinda already made a 6’7 before this vid and got a lot of percentage on badges for him so should I keep going or create this build?

  5. i have a question so im trying to go with the same build as on 2k17 which is 6'8 max wingspan and lowest weight but this year 6'8 doesnt affect any stats , like 6'7 did on 2k17 so is 6'8 the new 6'7?

  6. Made a 6’10 SF Lockdown and am loving it. 87 OVR with a 94 block and 95 steak 84 lat quickness. Dude is a beast averaging 3 steals in park

  7. I’m thinking of making a pf 6’10 pure rim protector, it’s kinda a mix between a lockdown and a rim protector. Also, I get rim protector, pick pocket, and hustle rebounder on gold. Plus I still get brick wall hof. I think he will be a more versatile lockdown. I would just like to know your thoughts or anyone’s thoughts on this build. Thanks ??

  8. this year, stealing is BROKEN where you can spam and like 4 out of 10 times you will swat something away with a non-defensive player so imagine having 99 steal with HOF pick pocket, you will swat like 8 out of 10 times you spam

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