New York Knicks vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | 11.27.2018, NBA Season

Knicks vs Pistons Full Game Highlights | 11.27.2018

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  1. Why the fuck are the knicks not playing mitchel robinson more mins 2 blocks 5 pts 63% FG 4 rebs in 17 mins his 36 min avg is 10 pt 3.8 blk and 8 reb like cmon yo lineup aint doing nothing give yo young players all the mins like the celtics and 76ers did thats why they developing quickly

  2. Blake is so dang good this season — Knicks knew they had to cover him well, and they did — so Blake just starts feeding everyone else passes- then the Knicks gotta deal with that, Blake starts scoring again — Ish Smith went nuts in the 4th as well!

  3. The Knicks were really good competitors this game, but it looked like they were a little intimidated. Got to stand up to these guys. They may be good, but they're not unbeatable. Stay strong Knicks and work on your own personal game and improvise on the floor with your improved games.

    Also, expect the blocks, momentum shifts, and the missed shots, so when it happens it's not a shock and you can recover to get your mind back in focus.

  4. Dwayne Casey is the difference. Crazy to see how much SVG was holding back this team. He ran a strictly pick and roll offense, no creativity in plays or lineups, casey is starting to go small from time to time with multiple shooters, it is working, and blakes usage rate is way up now then last year, and reggie's is down.

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