OKC Thunder vs Portland Trail Blazers – Game 1 – Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Portland Trail Blazers vs Oklahoma City OKC Thunder – Game 1 – Full Game Highlights | April 14, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  1. Thunder need to QUIT SHOOTING 3'S.
    If they went a whole game with NO 3-POINTERS and only mid-range or drives, I think they would win.
    They brick so many 3's that give their opponents fast breaks it's almost a wasted possession.

  2. Easy 7 games series but Portland can’t be choking 20points leads at home okc could’ve won that game if pg showed up

  3. It will be the hardest test for blazers (this era blazers with dame) to win this series but nothing is impossible. You can do it as a team. its all about Love.

  4. Doesn't surprise me that the haters are coming out against Russ, even though it was the piss poor shooting from everyone that lost this game. And even then it was close.

  5. OKC's scoring woes continues into the post season. They are a great defensive though that what made the game close too bad their come back came a bit short.

  6. Blazers scored big time with the key acquisition of Enes Kanter. Dude was a beast at boards with a total of 18 with 7 offensive rebounds. That 7 extra possessions gave them the extra edge against OKC.

  7. OKC is in trouble. They cannot match with the Blazers pick n roll. Only way I see if they go small put Adams on the bench.

  8. They say Westbrook is overrated but he literally can’t be guarded. It’s weird how he could be much better if he lost his attitude.

  9. Jennifer on twitter to Cj Mcollum: Win a darn playoff game!

    Cj Mcollum: I’m trying Jennifer! (and now they did 😁)

  10. It's not the matter of allstars.
    Watching these two teams playing, just on pick n roll, focus on one one play.
    Compares to the warriors, they play way more tramwork..

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