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Nba Youngboy and Jania are now going back and forth about who gave who the herpes and On this episode of The Big Facts Podcast Ayo Consaco speaks the big FACTS

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  1. Its not about ownership or money, its about control… You energy is more valuable to them even if its not to you…it could never be of value to you when your taught to place value on everything except life…until one loses or lost it does it become valuable to them…

  2. You've been growing on me and my ol Man the last few months, but tonight you got me, yes fuck it say the truth, fuck a conspiracy theory, these is facts. Tell this people the reality of it. I want to hear knowledge rappers, but it won't go mainstream because they don't want people to know what's really going on, and they know music is a way to get it out so anyine speaking in the real, will not make it in this industry. They want their souls, organs and imortality for the upper eschelon elite. They trying to get off the planet, or go under, let us all die, and come back to rule when we're all dead and gone. Agenda 21, codex alimentarius, all that shit, people better get to knowing what's good. Your poster on the video yesterday showed what's on your mind…I like that, should be on everyone's mind. Only way to survive

  3. Your are right about Organ Theft. The Elites are dying because the sunj is killing them. They need the melanin that black people have in their blood. The Elites are the People who are in Power, who own all the Banks, all the money. They are the People you see at the top of the pyramid. They are the rulers of this world. They are the Devils. The Rothchilds, the Pope, The President, all the rich magnets and power families. The Kardashians, Rihanna, and Beyonce are witches. They sacrifice the life of babies and the stem cells, organs are used in white elders. You see our rappers on stage doing all the hand signs worshiping Satan. This is one of their requirements after signing their name in blood. Nobody becomes rich and famolus without paying Goat Lucy and making a sacrifice to the Baphomet. The young child actors have older family members to do their rituals until they become of age. Rihanna had a whole party for her cousin (whom she said she loved) then she had him killed in a car wreck. He was her sacrifice. Nobody get's rich and famous but the people who are to become devil worshipers. The Devil rules this world. GOD put you here for a reason. You don't have to be rich and famous to live comfortably. Your Education helps you earn good pay to take care of your family. To be greedy is a sin to your own household. Pray and protect your children. They can learn to sing and play music. You don't have to be the loudest musician or songstress in the world. Get the Men back into the household because he is an Adonis. He is made in God's likeness and he is wise.

  4. The little boys around my way still blast his music every day and so does the little girls they think he is "keeping it real" smh and most likely them lil hoes probably want it from him just so they can sue him. This generation is messed up in the mind

  5. The internet is trying to break this man's spirit down and won't be satisfied until he dies. Guys like this only report negative shit about their own race that have fought to get to where they are. It's pitiful. Taring down your own race for followers. Report about some white ppl. Either guys like you don't care or don't understand what you are really doing. Uplift a brother more often

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