Philadelphia Sixers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | 12.07.2018, NBA Season

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  1. The Pistons lost that game..Coach spose to left th 3 whiteboys in to play with Griffin and Drummond..he put all starters back in..dumb

  2. We lose some we win some we'll get back in it. Good game sixers pistons are still my team we did much better helping Griffin than our previous two games I like it everyone's touching the ball. We've been on a 5 game winning streak this season let's get out the funk. Not gonna act like we didn't lose good game but it was an improvement from the okc and bucks games and real fans are fans through losses and wins.

  3. I just want to know how in the hell sixers aren't in second place in the standings right now they are 3 games back and bucks are 3.5 and they have won two more games and only lost one more game wtf man sixers earned that spot.

  4. Sixers with 2nd most wins n tied for 2nd best record in nba… Sixers got 18 wins n most wins in west is 18….hmm that means Sixers gonna win it all! ? ?

  5. Liked Butler back when he was In Minnesota, and he's been far more comfortable in Philly — but Man, was he great here- no Embiid, and Jimmy still leads a come from behind win !!

  6. Embiid was fustrating when jimmy trade to phila, he's told!! But jimmy is very good player, he play hard, agressive attacking to the rim, who care's who shine the important to Jimmy butler, the TEAM is WIN!!

  7. The Sixers need three more pieces. A star pg like Kemba Walker a 3 like Ariza and a bench player or two. Or package Embiid Fultz and Korkmaz for John Wall and Bradley Beal. The Sixers would still have enough cap space to sign Jimmy and another star. Starting 5: 1 Wall, 2 Beal 3 Butler 4 Simmons 5 Patton
    Bench: 1 Mconnel/Shamut 2 Reddick/Ariza 3 Chandler 4 Muscala 5 ?/Amir. Remember we have enough cap to still sign a star.

  8. This is why I never count on the pistons to make the playoffs because they’re not a playoff worthy team , most confusing team in the NBA can always go on a winning streak then lose 1 game and lose 4 more of em

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