Philadelphia Sixers vs New York Knicks Full Game Highlights | 11.28.2018, NBA Season

76ers vs Knicks Full Game Highlights | 11.28.2018

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  1. Imagine New York Knicks now…
    If they have keep on
    PG Jeremy Lin
    SG Jimmer fredette
    and adding
    PF Kristap porzingis
    SF Kevin Knox
    C Enes Kantet

    and Melo 6th man.. ?

  2. Do the Knicks have any clue what defense even means. They are like typical New Yorkers so lazy and have no work ethic at all what a shame.

  3. I can understand why Korkmaz is upset about not playing enough, he plays well every time he has the opportunity. Idk why he isn't in the rotation more

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