Philadelphia Sixers vs Orlando Magic Full Game Highlights | 11.14.2018, NBA Season

76ers vs Magic Full Game Highlights | 11.14.2018

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  1. Simmons has to start shooting that 3-pointer, I know it's not his game but knowing the nba if a player ever wants to make it to the next level or winning championships they have to be well rounded in all assets of their respective games. That's why Golden State is in the Finals year after year, they have multiple players that can play inside as well as outside, and everyone on that team can pass and play defense~with out a doubt they are the most complete team in the NBA!!!

  2. Back~n~my youth if you wanted to watch highlights such as we watch on YouTube these days you could forget it, your best hope was the newspaper where you could look up your teams stats. I have to give the young credit because I can't ever find the time to sit down and watch a 2-3 hour game be it b-ball or f-ball, but these highlights you guys put up are the best thing going since slice bread!!! Keep up the good work young guns!!!

  3. Why does everyone in the comments keep saying. Embiid needs to stop shooting threes, Simmons needs to learn how to make a jump shot, and the “jimmy butler effect.” 1: Embiid can make threes and he can shoot. Not many centers can do that. Simmons does need to work on his shot but he contributes to the team so much. It’s not all about scoring. And 3 it was jimmy butlers first game with philly. Let him adjust to how them play.

  4. If LeBron made that block on embiid, it would be rated the top play of the week no doubt, but since Johnathan Isaac did it, its not even on a top 10. Its ridiculous how overhyped everything LeBron does is

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