Philadelphia Sixers vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game Highlights | Oct 30, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

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  1. I'm not even a Raptors fan, but Kawhi should stay in Toronto. He's coming back from a devastating injury, but has potential to get back to a top 2 player in the league. He can capitalize on a market of an entire nation behind him in Toronto….and he's got Lowry, Green and Ibaka as supporting casts along with a deep bench with Miles and Monroe who can both score, and Anunoby who can defend. This team is really good…..if they picked up an elite pass first play making point guard they could be deadly. Lowry is more of a mini 2 guard than a point guard.

  2. I was thinking this conference will be for Boston this year… but well… Toronto look's really good damn Leonard come back with he's best level

  3. Simmons was exploited by Celtics last season, still cant shoot up to this point.
    He would be somehow, near LBJ's caliber if he can shoot

  4. Man!!! Kawhi is THE TRUTH. No disrespect to Demar (A BAAAD MAN IN IS OWN RIGHT) but for those Raptors fans who were 'salty' about the trade, I'm sure they're gettin over it now.

  5. Just because Simmons won roty does NOT MEAN he is a superstar. Guy played 0 defense. Shit negative defense with double digit turnovers!!!!

  6. Congratulations Torondo Raptors for the really huge victory you’re really huge team! I wish you good luck from heart. Stefanos!!!

  7. Kawhi won this game for the raptors. The guy was everywhere the last 5 minutes. Would not give Ben Simmons any space at all to maneuver. He stripped Embiid like twice in the post. All in the last 5 minutes. Toronto GM took a gamble and is now about to win the damn lottery. What’s loyalty when you can get yourself a finals MVP champion who beat Lebron in the finals.

  8. the toronto raptors better get used to win without khawi leonard in playoffs
    because he averages a rest and an injurey every 2games out of 3

  9. Faultz-straight up pure garbage, no use and just trade him overseas…just guaranteed no future in the NBA…smh

    Simmons-Rookie of the year? man, he must grow some balls…he's too passive.

    Embiiddd-dude, grow some muscles and wake up. Vallinciunis destroyed him on both ends…smh

  10. See what happens when a bit of real defense is allowed in the force guys like Embid and Simmons to actually earn their money and see what they are made of. Reals fans wanna see proper defense and see real mens basketball, not this pussified shit where guys get easy layups and don't battle in the paint.
    I'm about done with Simmons…he plays like a bitch and he's becoming predictable already.

  11. Kawai & KD > Lebron : Better At both ends, and makes their teams and teammates better
    Ben Simmons should have listened to Kobe to work on his jump shot

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