Philadelphia Sixers vs Toronto Raptors – Game 1 – 1st Half Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia Sixers 76ers – Game 1 – Full Game Highlights | April 27, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  1. In 2014, Spurs beat the Lebron James team (Miami Heats) because Kawhi Leonard stepped up big time in defense to slow down Lebron James. Same thing to the Golden State in 2015, Andre Iguodala stepped up to slow down Lebron James to help the Warriors to win championship. Right now the Sixers did not have anyone capable of slowing down Kawhi.

  2. Playoff Kawhi > Playoff LeBron. All day. Every day. Gasol babysat Embiid tonight. And Siakam showed up to play. Great game today

  3. Watching Kawhi and Durant square off in the finals would be pretty fun to see. Both players are in playoff MVP mode right now.

  4. Kawhi was definitely the difference maker and Toronto has a better coach while Siakim has been legit all season. Philly got close a few times in the third but just couldn't execute on go-ahead opportunities. Gasol was clearly a huge pick-up and rendered Boban ineffective. Surprisingly, I thought Ben played well given his poor record against Kawhi. Simmons was pretty solid on the defensive end. Jimmy was the biggest let down – he could not buy a bucket today meanwhile Kawhi tore him up. Embiid (as usual) got suckered into playing on the perimeter when he should be in the paint. I don't see how Toronto will lose this series unless Kawhi gets injured.

  5. The game is All about adjustment. Bret brown is gonna have work on that. I think this is why coaches take most of the blame. Put someone else on Kawhi, he's no God!!! He can be stopped!!!

  6. Reporter – kawhi what did you think of embid?
    Kawhi – who?
    Report – Joel embiid, their center.
    Kawhi – oh, him. Yeah, his a nobody.

  7. Leonard in my opinion is the best player in the NBA. I would say Leonard and Lebron is tied for 1st, Giannis 2, KD 3, Harden is 4.

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