Players Only: Cleveland’s Struggles Continue | NBA on TNT

The Players Only crew discuss the Cavaliers struggles and what they have to do to fix the issues.


  1. Watching the Cavs play is like watching the scene in the movie: The Last Samurai, where Tom Cruise keeps getting beat down with the wooden sword and keeps trying to get back up, but eventually its beaten into unconsciousness.

  2. Lebron has to lead by example. Start playing both ends of the court and go on a hard 10 game stint to get your team's heads right. Lebron's words hold little weight to the other Cavs players right now because he's a bum on defense.

  3. Lack of coaching and player personnel that doesn't fit. That what happens when you let a player be GM and coach. This team is a joke. Blown out by Orlando now… smh. Cavs are not a team. Just because you're on a NBA franchise doesn't mean you're part of a team. These guy play like a bunch of randoms on nba 2k18 walk on proam

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