Raptors Eliminate Bucks in Thrilling Game 6 | NBA on TNT

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Kawhi leads the Raptors’ crazy comeback to push them to their first Finals appearance in franchise history! What was it that led to the Bucks’ demise? Should they consider making off-season moves?

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  1. Raptors were deeper and their superstar has more expierence. But when Kawhi goes West next year the conference belongs to Giannis and Jo again

  2. This crew hates Toronto. They celebrated the Bucks fishing (losing) more than the Toronto win. For every game that Toronto won, this crew blamed the Bucks more than crediting the Raptors. Wake up and see the truth! The Raptors wore out the bucks with speed, they broke them down psychologically, and they showed more experience and guts when things mattered most in all 4 games they won. Vanfleet had the highest +/- per minutes played on the team past few games. Aside from making shots, he showed very little other stats yet owned the +/- stat! Its all about floor IQ and Vanfleet was playing great D and disrupting the entire flow of the Bucks offense. He wore them out at both ends running around like a loose firecracker exploding everywhere, and his ball quick ball rotation and team play had the Bucks confused, killing the Bukcs confidence for team defense. Bucks had to rely on man to man D and made some great blocks, but it wasn't enough without help defense from your teammates which was lacking, due to the great play of Leonard who is a beast to try and stop, along with the other Raptors who are all hard to guard. Raptors have the edge over GS with home court advantage plus a proven 2 for 2 wins this season. And don't give me that '"Reg season games mean nothing" BS. …. Come back to me when GS loses the series and tell me that it means nothing, especially if they lose in 5 games. Draymond will he less effective against RAPS compared to his play against other teams, and the splash brothers will be worn out from all the running of the Raptors Guards at both ends, rendering GS useless in crunch time! I find this TV crew which Ernie runs to be entertaining but how do they miss the obvious? Buck loving and Raptor hating! Written all over their faces since the series started.

  3. kenny smith background comments on kawhi leonard dunk is epic…wooww…it make you hype up…"come get this, come get this, come get this, superman is in the building!!!" it gets you hype man…

  4. Now watch Raps do a Barney in the Finals. Y'all banking too much on Lowry and friends. Kawhi might need to carry this team and he's due for a burnout.

  5. Regular Season: Raps 131 – Warriors 128. Raps 113 – Warriors 93. The Warriors are massively skilled but Toronto is the best team in the league at making offensive and defensive adjustments game-to-game and quarter-to-quarter. Nick Nurse has them playing the smartest b-ball I've ever seen. It was mental toughness and concentration and calm determination and also some crazy skill that just got the Raps 4 – count them FOUR wins in a row against the regular season East Champs. This is going to be a see-saw battle and I wouldn't put much money on it. Tough to call.

  6. Guys I have a question.

    Is kawhi the only player who won western conference finals and eastern conference finals ?

  7. Somehow Skip Bayless will come on-air Monday morning and blame the Bucks failure on Lebron James.
    Shaq: "I'm so happy for this team"… until yesterday he was talking trash about them

  8. Shaq: "I'm so happy for this team"… until yesterday he was talking trash about them
    Demar punching air rn
    Breaking: Warriors acquired ZaZa Pachulia for NBA Finals

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