Refs sending message to NBA through star ejections | Golic and Wingo | ESPN

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Adrian Wojnarowski shares how National Basketball Referees Association is getting their message to the league by tossing star players from games at an unusually high rate.

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  1. And people talk about players being soft smh. These refs are like cops. Didn't have any talent or authority as a kid so went for a job where they get to boss around more important people.

  2. Smh these refs are ruining the nba, who the hell do they think they are?? This isnt a public school teachers strike officate the game unbiasedly or get a new fcking job!

  3. this is BS. basketball is a game with a lot of hormones, emotions, and pride so players are gonna say things in the heat of the moment. as long as their not saying shit like i hope your mom dies they should be able to handle it

  4. Fuck tbe refs they kick star players out for no good reason i stop spending my money at games amd watching it on tv. Nobody watches the game for the refs their irrelevant call fouls and shut da fuk up i dont watch or pay or care about refs

  5. How about stop calling bullshit fouls. The Sixers Raptors game was awful yesterday in the last 5 minutes. Clean blocks and steals were fouls for sixers. But actual reach ins and smacking a players arm is not when the Raptors did it

  6. Fuck the referees. The quality of the officiating this year has been embarrassing. Do your fucking jobs correctly before you start to whine and complain you entitled power tripping cunts

  7. Being a ref is job not a talent! No one is paying to see you at all! People are paying to see talent not to see you call penalties..

  8. The "star treatment" has always been bullshit and it's better for the league if refs just called the game as objectively as possible. These stars need to relax and just play the game without crying over every play.

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