Sacramento Kings vs GS Warriors – 1st Half Highlights | Oct 5, 2018 | NBA Preseason

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  1. Would be a nice new season 2018/2019, for the Golden Date Warriors with coach Steve Care, and Staff Curry, Clay Thompson, Drymond Screen, Kevlar Durant and DeMarcus Female Cousins…:-)

  2. Lakers beat Kings by 1 point and Laker nation was going crazy. GS is beating Kings like a pimp trying to get his money from a ho and doing it effortlessly. I can't wait for Lakers vs GS.

  3. Y’all acting like the Lakers have been playing together for years. Man it was their 3rd game together and they’re still figuring things out. I swear y’all just can’t wait to tear people down before even giving them a chance to build themselves up. TOXIC INSECURE

  4. the kings aren't moving the ball at all. everyone is playing selfish, driving into the lane against 4 defenders instead of kicking it out. Justin Jackson is a solid 3 point shooter but he got touched the ball once in the 1st quarter, only to pass it to someone who was more open.
    if they're gonna keep playing selfish basketball, then they'll lose no matter what, even if they're more skilled than the other team

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