Scottie Pippen (agonizingly) makes his MVP pick: 'I like guys who play the right way' | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst, Scottie Pippen of The Jump, and special guest Jason Kidd, debate who is deserving of 2019 NBA MVP between Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo and Houston Rockets guard James Harden, with both players having exceptional seasons.

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  1. Giannis is the MVP. Most VALUABLE player. He elevates his team for a mid-range NBA team, to the top of the league. There's no debate tbh

  2. Bucks had a historically easy schedule this year.  26th easiest schedule of all time.  Playing in the Eastern Conference.  Let's not get it twisted, Giannis is playing great, Harden is playing out of this world.  Shouldn't even be close.  Haven't seen Houston get this much B.S. since they gave the award to Robinson over Hakeem.  See how that turned out…

  3. Scottie pippen is so salty, he choose Giannis because of he like the way Giannis played. That does not make sense at all.

  4. James harden mvp without a doubt u crazy if u second guess what u witnessed.. U guys have. O respect.. Plus in the west plus with carmelos us with new roster n injuries u crazy

  5. Putting up Giannis' numbers,all season long,while also being a top choice for DPOY has to be the MVP.Especially when it's the top team in the NBA lol I view this as a no brainer.

  6. Oh please… James Harden is the well deserved MVP no doubt… breaking record after record…. Gianis needs to eat his broccoli still… great player no doubt but can't compete with a player who's breaking legend's records!! he's not as "likeable" because he's not as showy and athletic and since there's a succer born every minute who falls for the "dunk" they tent to ignore his amazing record. James Harden is in a different planet!!!. there are envious people trying to bring him down but they can't… Gianis is a great young player with amazing athleticism and no doubt a great future but he needs to keep working on his records breaking ability… I can't imagine ignoring Harden's breaking records hold up to now by legends!!!! ridiculous!

  7. Giannis never ever flops or throws his head back just to get points. I am riding with him all day everyday. Made Embid look like he went through a stampede.. Once that mid range and three, along with dribbling comes along.. best player in the league by far. And just because he plays both sides of the ball, which harden never plays defense. Clearly Giannis is the MVP. You guys know it. Vote it

  8. #Giannis #FearTheDeer #GreekFreak #MILWAUKEE #MVP #EastChamps #ReppingEastInFinals #BestRecordInNBA #PlaysDefense #PlaysBothEndsOfTheCourtNightInNightOut #BigmanStatus #FaceOfTheLeagueForYearsToCome #ThisOurYear2019

  9. There is no "right way" to play the game, the league is always evolving and changing, every player plays different, if they a played the same and his so called "right way" then it would be a lot less fun to watch. #hardenmvp

  10. 'I like guys who play the right way' – 100% Harden is trash basketball, its not watchable… and why the FUCK is the harden rule getting called on fucking harden… BULLSHIT!

  11. I think Jana should have got it because the Bucks had the best record in the NBA all season long don't get me wrong Harden's a good player but they don't have the best record in NBA

  12. To be MVP you have to do the job at both ends of the court not just on offense! Giannis does it! Most voters only take into account offensive stats!

  13. i hate harden but "i like guys who play the right way" if he didnt play the way he did they would of lost

  14. I like how everybody only looks at hardens points. Harden shoots more field goals than giannis. If giannis shot as many as harden with hid field goal %, then giannis would join harden at the 36 mark of average ppg. Harden being only 0,1~ ppg over him. Rockets just feed harden, while bucks play more as a team, something that can be seen by ppg and fieldgoal attempts of their teammates. Looking at 3 stats is just dumb, MVP is a big title and shouldn't be given lightly, so how about people go more in depth before casting their vote. Sincerely only me, because everybody else is stupid.

  15. I love you Pippen but you're wrong. MVP is most valuable player not team. Giannis has been on a solid and stacked team. His accomplishment (though he's played very well I'd never take that from him) is a team accomplishment. If you switched the players and teams Harden would be talked about like Giannis and vice versa. Difference is Giannis couldn't drag his team from second from the bottom to 3rd best by himself. Just saying.

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