Steve Kerr credits Warriors' defense after Game 1 win vs. Rockets | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr breaks down the team’s Game 1 win vs. the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference semifinals. He gives credit to his team’s defense and says they were very effective in stopping James Harden from scoring.

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  1. He should at least give some credit to the refs cause if they call that which they consistently have been this game probably goes to overtime

  2. Maybe Harden should stop jumping INTO defenders and charging and flopping. Stop playing the refs and play the game.

  3. refs did miss some calls, but they are wise to harden and paul throwing their hips and feet into defenders. paul and harden should quit foul hunting, that's not basketball

  4. Credit the refs. It’s was a 4 point ball game, if the correct calls were made it would’ve been a different outcome.Of course you will have these delusional gsw fans already claiming the series 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Rockets struggling in taking shots and lose… they're blaming it to the refs. WTF. Rockets should scale up their game. Stop blaming the refs everytime…

  6. Kendrick Perkins said it best, some players look for fouls versus just playing and trying to score. The refs shouldn't be the ones responsible for half any player points.

  7. What a joke game 1 was….trash basketball. Terrible sportsmanship, flops, hacks, yelling at refs, missed calls. I mean for all the talent out on the court this was one of the worst NBA basketball games I've seen in along time and I don't even care to watch game 2 if I'm honest.

  8. GSWs being helped on D by the refs is a broken record. Never will respect the NBA or the GSWs until the refs start calling the calls correctly.

  9. So the Rockets went to the free throw line 29 times and Warriors 27 Harden 14 So how did the Refs cheat. Flopping doesn’t work when you calling the game right.
    Curry gets hammered and refs pocket their whistle almost every game. Harden is always fishing for foul calls it’s sorry Basketball. That’s what Reggie Miller use to do.

  10. 🙋🙋Steve! Heyyy overr hereee! I gotta question. Did you win that game or did the refs win it for you??🤷 💯🤣😂🤘

  11. You do have to have a landing space as shooter, But steping back and jumping forward to shoot is not the right way to play basketball..thats totally kids shooting kind of basketball.

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