Steve Kerr Full Interview – Game 2 Preview | 2019 NBA Finals Media Availability

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Steve Kerr Full Pregame Interview – Game 2 | Warriors vs Raptors | May 31, 2019 NBA Finals Media Availability
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  1. The last number of your like on this video is the NBA player that you will Become !!! πŸ€
    0. Giannis Antetokounmpo
    1. Steph Curry
    2. Russell Westbrook
    3. Kawhi Leonard
    4. PG13!!
    5. James Harden
    6. Lebron James
    7. Dame Dolla
    8. Joel Embiid
    9. Anthony Davis
    If you are a G.O.A.T. then you will like the comment and the video

  2. I feel like the media in general no longer do proper interviews… it's all bait questions… A bunch of sharks hoping to squeeze a drop of blood for the next headline. Its disgusting 🀨
    I do want the Warriors to win and 3peat… but there is half of me that honestly wants to see Kawhi win because of the things he went through that I did not like. Like if you agree 😁

  3. One thing I respect about Steve Kerr…….u can have a super team but at some point even they need coaching…….Steve Kerr showed that he can actually Coach……..#salute

  4. Isn't Steve Kerr who shows men how to bounce a ball going to tell us about how to live and what our rights should be now that there's been another mass shooting?

  5. expect Draymon will hurt pascal or leonard in game 2 in order to win by the warriors,becuase he knows they are mismtach by the raptors..and lack of player for the Golden state.

  6. I never seen a NBA crowd go as crazy for one player every game as they have for Stephen Curry when Durrant was on the other side… So to all the k.d talk all warriors need next year is to resign Klay, Draymond & get a back up bench of players.For most have Stephen Curry back at his old but newer tricks because he still is the best player since Michael Jordan

  7. He's right! Transition D was horrible, they left people WIDE OPEN for 3 pointers, I mean they were all alone, with nobody attempting to close out on them, even Gasol was making 3's. They looked real rusty

  8. Raptors WILL WIN Game2. Kerr is a joke. Ray Charles could be coached those past Warriors teams to Titles. Expect Ray would have 4 rings stead 3

  9. Stick to basketball Stevie! Nobody wants your unsolicited opinion on guns. You have enough problems trying to figure out how to win against the Raptors.

  10. …'''ENOUGH"" already with this streaming …'''BULLSHiT…Where's The ORIGINAL…playoffs …FuLL…2/12…Hour…GAME/TIME…+…stupid …commerciaLs…

  11. Make sure you thank the refs, because they were calling all the fouls against the Raptors. That's why you had 3 Raptors with 4 or more fouls

  12. Being lucky in 3point shots is not successful card all time,Raptors’s couch β€˜ll put adequate plan(D&A)
    Game3 for Raptors

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