The Heat dynasty wouldn't have lasted another 10 years – Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith disagrees with Pat Riley’s claims that the Miami heat Dynasty with LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade would have lasted another 10 years. Stephen A. explains that the NBA landscape was changing so rapidly at that point, with the Golden State Warriors on the come up, that the Heat dynasty would have never survived.

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  1. Hate to say it but I think Heat time was right about the end. Bosh blood clot happen in the following season and that a big blow. Who knows if the Heat would have had Whiteside to replace Bosh. Wade decline by a lot.

  2. Max repeats himself on the following people: LeBron, Jerry West, Pat Riley, Dr, Jerry Buss, Dwayne Wade, Tom Brady, MJ, Eli. Who else?

  3. Max doesn’t get it. The fact that the Heat had such a good run and great organization , would have landed them superstars to replace Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Stars would have flocked to Miami to play with Lebron. Those Miami Heat teams had great defense and scoring. And would have been a better match up going against the Warriors.

  4. If Melo or Cp3 would have come to Miami they would have. Thing is LeBron left the east when he seen the emergence of all these great teams. The east is the new West and it shows LBJ got to all those finals off the strength (or lack thereof) of the old east teams.

  5. Teams caught up to the formula of the Heat by year 4. Get a gang of SF's to throw at Bron and pray the other players beat them… Bosh was going down regardless, the roster was old and Bron was still going to get all the blame

  6. What Heat dynasty are we talking about seriously. They one title and needed a clutch shot to barely get another?Choked on the  front end against Dirk and the  miracles and got embarrassed on the back end by the Spurs. they were NEVER even close to being a dynasty!

  7. Because lebron is ASS shut up blaming the #2 guy haha mj would never blame pippen especially if he joined his team and completely flunked the first finals series !!!! Good thing lebron changed to 6 then cuz I hate seeing 23 fall when it should never like #3 on a Yankees jersey

  8. If wade wasnt injured or chris bosh didnt have heart clots, ya this team could of lasted a good 6 years or so. They prob would be in the finals almost every year, if lebron stayed. 10 seems like a stretch and im a heat fan. They would of reloaded sure, but whether or not that would of made a difference, prob not.

  9. Lebron has always needed one or two guys. Look at 2007 when lebron carried the cavs to the finals but they got swepped and then again in 2015. In 2015 kyrie and love were out and they lost then in 2016 they were both there and they still almost lost. And lebron got most of his championships in Miami with two hall of famers.

  10. The heat got exposed in the loss to SA. They stayed home on Bron, he missed pull up mid range Js and can't get offensive rebounds. When Wade, Bosh and many other stars who play with james and become 2nd option, they never play to the level they played before they teamed up with him. NOT a 10 yr team.

  11. Dude, lol the most of the Heat players were 30+ Ray, Battier, Haslem, Jones, Anthony, Anderson, Miller, and all of there role players were 35+ years old after year 3, and D Wade and Bosh could never be healthy, plus this Heat team had trouble beating the Warriors in the regular season in 2014, the Warriors were already rising, and it would be harder to beat the Warriors with an unhealthy Wade and Bosh as opposing to Kyrie and Love

  12. that heat team was the worst flopping pos ever they were fixed to make lbj win rings but sadly he only won one😂😂 out of 4 yrs thats why he left he couldnt do it even with all the cheating that heat team got away with dont fall into the hype lbj is the worst player ever the nba makes him what you see on tv always talking about him advertising for yall $ he will never be the goat .

  13. The heat never had a dynasty smh just cos three players who was drafted in the top 5 in the same draft played with each other doesn't mean they had a dynasty

  14. 1:06 Wade was the reigning scoring champ, first team all NBA, second team all defensive team, and ASG MVP when Lebron teamed up with him and Bosh in Miami. Stay OFF THE WEED, Max

  15. I’ll say this, that heat team would’ve beat Golden State in 2015 and maybe even 16, but when KD got there nah.

  16. We wouldve been great and that's the truth.. the big 3 plus you have stars that would've came here instead of GSW or the rockets or the Lakers.. we wouldve had another 4+ easy

  17. Has this bronsexual just said that Lebron didn't win 8 rings because D Wade was already in decline at 28 years when Lebron came to MIami ???

  18. Dwayne Wade had the best finals performance since Jordan? Did max forget about iverson carrying an underachieving team in 2001 against the behemoth Lakers with prime Shaq and up and coming Kobe?

  19. but Lebron needed to go to cleveland and give that garbage franchise their only and final championship.

    nevertheless, SAS got this right.

  20. If Lebron played half way decent in the 2011 finals, wade picks up his 2nd NBA finals trophy. He was def top 3 that year and still top 5 the second year.

  21. I agree, lebron would've had 2 more rings in his hands. let's not forget, wade was still a top ten player. He never declined.

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