The media isn’t invading Kyrie Irving’s privacy – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

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Jalen Rose doesn’t see why Kyrie Irving has an ongoing beef with the media considering his limited interaction with the press.

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  1. Media is Media Jalen lmao please don’t pretend espn hasn’t turned into tmz in these last few years. Hell might as well take out the S in ESPN

  2. He says this while Kyrie is filmed having a private conversation with his friend and the media uses that to speculate on their free agency decisions.

  3. So people asking you all day where you wanna play basketball is the worst part of your life ? Media scrutiny? How about not having the means to pay for medical bills for a sick loved one ? Or not knowing how you gonna have enough for the mortgage next month, ATHLETES ARE BLESSED !!!! GODS BLESSED YALL! ENJOY IT MAN, you don’t know how many people wish they had it that”bad” lmao GTFO!

  4. Um, I believe his skills and abilities to play ball has something to do with him being valued so high. His skills and abilities has people spending money to watch him play ball. Ya'll need him. His abilities, skills, and free agency makes ya'll money. Stop trying to take credit for these people's success. Its insulting.

  5. It’s sad that these four people are wrong in this video. They don’t get it because they are a part of the media. The media doesn’t interview you before and after games or practice, but they write articles and are on tv talking about you giving false narratives because no one seeks the truth from players. People speak wrong, create rumors, and lie about “reports” just to get views and clicks.

  6. Just wanted to say sports media is right on this one, its not like the Durant free agency talk a little while back.

  7. Does the NBA still promote their NBA Cares program? That would be a solution to all of this mental health/I'm bothered by the media, yet I still get paid millions talk. Get the teams to impoverished neighborhoods in their cities and do some volunteer work for the poor. This way, the disillusioned players can gain some perspective and are reminded of the very fortunate position they are in to give back.

  8. soooo if someone anoys me at my job i should just quit my job and find a new one instead of dealing with it????/ you guys are retarded

  9. so these assholes asked kyrie about this segment right? they asked him and he approved this narrative right? they cant possibly be pushing their own shit every single they whatever they fking think of

  10. Maybe if Kyrie would've played more than eleven games at Duke, he'd learn how to communicate with the press more effectively. Maybe, he'd even feel more comfortable talking with reporters. But, he didn't. He left as soon as he could because he wanted that big money in the NBA.

  11. They also took reported on Kyrie kd and lebron eating lunch in Miami, that's private life. At the end of the day if Kyrie was a role player media wouldn't even be talking to him. The only reason they do is because of his talent. Jalen got this espn job and is selling out.

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