The Sixers Strange Markelle Fultz Experiment & What it Means! | NBA News

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Topic for the day

– No one understands what the Philadelphia 76ers are trying to do with Markelle Fultz!

– The new LeBron James led Lakers first game against the Portland Trail Blazers! And the idea of Lonzo Ball starting alongside Rajon Rondo!

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  1. Yeah I've heard people making a big deal Fultz was starting over Reddick but Reddick's getting the same minutes anyways so it ain't a big deal. Heck he just had a 30 point game off the bench.

  2. Nice vid fam! I'm wondering why Fultz isn't asking Reddick for shooting lessons. He couldn't ask for a better shooter to teach him…by the way…this is what they get for intentionally tanking! Positionless is being used to describe a type team that can switch everything not actual true positionless. Peece!

  3. I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but JaVale McGee looks like he's a new person. Playing with a surge and confidence I've never seen in him. Might be great news for the Lakers going forward.

  4. Bobby Portis played amazingly in the game hope we don't do something stupid and get rid of him. But yes our defense is horrible on top of us not having our best offensive player plane it just makes for a bad situation

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