Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights | 12.01.2018, NBA Season

Cavs vs Raptors Full Game Highlights | 12.01.2018

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  1. Raptors got the perfect team in my opinion. They run small ball with ibaka in who is a starter, wanna run bigs put jv in. Wanna run 2 Bigs put jv and ibaka in, wanna run quick at the 4 put in Pascal. Wanna run 5 out shooters against the raptors put in Danny, kawhi, lowry, Pascal and ibaka even pascal at the 5 and anunoby at the 4 instead of ibaka who is tad quicker laterally to defend. Not only that nurse impresses me when bigs are killing inside and he doesn't wanna run bigs so he goes into zone which elimates that. No other teams runs zone efficiently because typically your starting five isn't great defensively. Raptors are winning these games because of defense more than offense which is insane in today's era with the pussy officiating when u breathe on a nigga u get called

  2. It's no secret the NBA is rigged against the raptors. They don't want too much money going to a Canadian team, they want to keep the $$ in the US. No other team in the NBA gets treated like the raps.

  3. kawhi getting that speed back. he's just going to get better and better the more comfortable with his body he gets. the difference with this team and the warriors is that, kawhi doesn't need to get 50 points in order for the team to win a game.

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