Toronto Raptors vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | 10.26.2018, NBA Season

Mavericks vs Raptors Full Game Highlights | 10.26.2018

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  1. This game has coach Pops name written all over it. Unselfish basketball. My boy Kawhi still an all star stopper. Y'all should see DeROZAN now lol muthafuckaz a beast! He got his revenge twice on lebron for last year. Fair trade indeed!!! I wanna see The SPURS vs KAWHI and his raptors

  2. Raptors are in the unique position the Rockets were in last season.

    They have the tools, chemistry and hunger to win it all. This is their do or die season. Things will start to fall apart (like Houston at the moment) if they don't reach the NBA finals at the very least.

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