Toronto Raptors vs Melbourne United Full Game Highlights | 05.10.2018, NBA Preseason

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Toronto Raptors vs Melbourne United Full Game Highlights

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  1. you people dont see how dangerous this team is? They have multiple players that can cover at least 2-3 positions. This season is gonna be crazy

  2. Since Kyle and Kawhi are two of the most important players on the raptors, I was shocked that neither of them played last night! I kept looking for them on the court and then I saw…DNP…Rest! OMG! The two of them each played exactly 30 minutes in the past seven days! ????

  3. Is that chris goulding the racist cunt who called the philippine basketball team monkeys. NBA should not allow this kinds of players to play on their floor, very disgusting.

  4. Nbl team sucks, only the raptors' bench players are excited to play this team. Why not bring teams from euroleage which are 10 times better than these clowns.

  5. Philly playing their starters only beat this team by 20. Raptors with Leonard, Lowry, Miles, FVV, and OG, all sitting out, and playing deep deep reserves for the 2nd half, won by 38…. wow.

  6. Raptors fans that's how it starts Kawhi sits out LOL see #2 next year in La wit Bron.. while we have DeMar DeRozan!!!😋😋😋😋#GoSpursgo

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